Value Proposition

Special Programs

GCMSDC offers a variety of programs and services to its corporate members and certified MBEs.

  • Below is a listing of some of our core services.

  • MBE Legal Seminars (NO COST) *Open to all MBEs – Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American businesses);
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Program – For emerging small businesses that are ready for growth;
  • Quarterly Metro Networking meetings
  • Advanced Management Education Program, a customized executive education program, with highly intensive training and technical assistance for CEOs of minority-owned firms interested in accelerated growth;
  • Corporate Plus, a membership program for successful minority businesses with proven capability for national contracts;
  • Minority Business Information Center , a resource for dissemination of vital statistics and information pertinent on the changing picture of corporations, industries and minority business development;
  • Entry into Local & National Database (MBISYS), GCMSDC’s local Database lists all Certified MBEs which allows local Corporate Members to view suppliers for specific products/services; MBEs also have access to other Certified MBE Contact Information (MBE to MBE business opportunities); National Database, Minority Business Information Systems (MBISYS), a national computerized database of more than 15,000 certified minority suppliers which corporate purchasing agents utilize to locate suppliers;
  • Business Opportunity Fairs which allow minority entrepreneurs to present themselves to hundreds of prospective buyers in a short time while providing corporations an opportunity to meet and recruit prospective suppliers in a short time;
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council Annual Conference, the nation’s benchmark forum for minority business development;
  • Referrals to corporate buyers of minority suppliers capable of providing quality goods and services at competitive prices, and in a timely fashion;
  • Networking opportunities, organized by purchasing categories, at which suppliers speak directly to appropriate purchasing agents;
  • Awards and special recognition of outstanding corporate programs in support of minority business development, as well as awards for excellent minority businesses, and other citations.

And a variety of other activities that bring corporate purchasing people together with representatives of minority businesses, in both formal and informal settings, to foster the development of long-term, mutually beneficial business relations.